Keeping Fit When On The Road

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

First things first, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas break and are looking forward to all 2016 will bring :)

Now for the topic of today's discussion: how to stay  fit and healthy when you're on holiday.

My biggest fear when I swing on my backpack and head off on holiday is whether my clothes are still going to fit at the end of my trip! When I'm living my regular life at home I like to eat clean and exercise a lot, but as soon as my feet hit foreign soil I tend to forget
about what keeping fit and healthy actually is (oops).

After my last "blowout" trip I decided enough was enough; surely there can be a way to enjoy my time away whilst also keeping in shape!? Honestly, it's not that hard. All that is required is some willpower! Staying healthy while you're away simply means you need to take a look at both what you're eating and how much physical exercise you are undertaking.

Managing the munchies

When you're on holiday the last thing you want to do is be working out your macros and making sure you only eat good carbs and fats. I for one also do not want to be cooking all my own meals, I'd rather experience local cuisine and really get a feel for the places I'm visiting!

Balancing healthy eating with these amazing food experiences can be a little difficult. But you can simplify things by making conscientious choices, not "pigging out" and avoiding unnecessary snacking.

Breakfast, in my opinion, is the most important meal of the day, as you are giving your body the initial energy it needs to get you going. If you're staying at a resort or hotel which offers breakfast, opt for the healthier options like fruits, eggs or muesli cereals. Having a full cooked breakfast every day or endless bowls of CocoPops is not going to keep you looking amazing in that bikini!

So now that you're off for the day on your adventures, you're probably going to want some snacks to keep you going. I like to take an extra piece of fruit (or 2) from breakfast to tuck into my backpack for during the day. Read your body and only eat if you're actually hungry.

Lunch and dinner are more than likely going to be consumed while you're out and about, so here's the trickiest part. Making informed food choices shouldn't limit your food enjoyment, but if you really want to stay healthy it's a must. Travelling to Western destinations will make food choices easier, as these countries will usually have a few "healthier" options on the menu. Trips to places like Thailand, China, Vietnam or South America may prove that bit harder, but what you should look for are places serving fresh, local produce. These countries do have healthy options if you look for it. I never stop myself having something I really want, particularly if it's a local delicacy or speciality, all you need to do is eat in moderation and not go overboard just because "you're on holiday".

Getting your sweat on

Not everyone will be the same when it comes to physical exercise. Some people might go for a walk twice a week, or otherwise may be gym junkies who hit the weights daily. Personally I'm a massive fan of working out, usually gymming at least 5 times a week. I do it because I enjoy it, so to me working out an exercise routine that I can fit into my travels was something I just wanted to do!

Assessing the type of trip you're heading on will give you an idea of how much additional exercise you could do. If you're heading off on the Kokoda Trail, you're not exactly going to need (or want) to do any extra exercise. But if you're lazing about on the beach drinking Mojitos for a few weeks, you might want to consider getting a bit of a sweat on.

My recommendation is to get in a 15 minute H.I.I.T workout every morning before heading off for the day. Haven't heard of H.I.I.T? This stands for high intensity interval training. Basically this means you work out hard and fast for a short period, keeping your heart rate elevated to burn more fat in less time. This type of exercise will give you an energy boost to help you make the most of your precious travel time. Obviously this type of exercise isn't going to work for everyone so you should tailor something to your own needs, but this is what I like to do to stay fit when I travel!

                                4 rounds (1 minute rest between each round)
                                20 x squat jumps
                                20 x push-ups
                                50 x mountain climbers (25 each side)
                                20 x jumping lunges (10 each side)
                                10 x burpees

(Click on an exercise to view a short set of instructions from

To make it a little easier switch squat jumps for regular squats, push-ups to push-ups on your knees and jumping lunges to regular alternated lunges.

To make it a bit harder try adding in a 1 minute plank at the end of each round.

There are plenty of other body weight exercises that you could incorporate into a small H.I.I.T. routine so pick and choice to create your own holiday workout! Heading out for a run or a walk is always a good option if you aren't comfortable with this type of exercise. Remember, any exercise is better than none!

Walking or riding a bike between points of interest or just to generally explore is another fantastic way to exercise. Not only will you work on your fitness, you will probably get to see other local gems that you might miss in the taxi or on a bus.

To a healthier you! Until next time :)
Erica x

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