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Monday, May 08, 2017

People need inspiration for a variety of reasons, and it's no different when it comes to the need for travel inspiration.  Whether it's to help you roll out of bed at 6am on a Monday or to make future holiday plans, having the resources at our finger tips will motivate us to be our best!

Whilst I love my job, I often find myself yearning for the great outdoors and dreaming of far off places.  I mean, add in a few of life's curve balls and my desire to escape and refresh the batteries becomes an insatiable need.  So what can we do when we get ourselves into these situations?  How can we inspire ourselves to get up, keep moving and save those pennies so we really can get away?  Here are a few of my everyday inspiration ideas to help brighten up your week!

More of these moments are needed every day!
You know those days when you're sitting at work having a rather "average" day?  Well, Cheapflights has the answer!  Possibly the newest and funkiest inspirational travel tool out there at the moment is EscEscape by Cheapflights.  EscEscape is a free Google Chrome extension for your desktop or laptop that searches the web for the best flights and weekend getaways simply double tapping the Esc key!  Perfect for those "get me out of here" moments or just for a peek at what's on offer at the moment.

I have EscEscape installed on both my home laptop and my work computer (ssh don't tell them!).  Obviously as a blogger I'm always looking for travel ideas, and travel inspiration is very important to me.  I love that with two taps of a button Cheapflights suggests a location for a weekend away during the next two month period with options for the cheapest, quickest or smartest flights.  If the suggested destination isn't quite to your fancy, just double tap the Esc key again and Cheapflights will think up a new place for your trip.  You might even end up going to Cebu, which I had never heard of before having the suggestion give to me by EscEscape!

Cover your home and workplace in travel paraphernalia!
Seems like a very simple thing to do, but I find being surrounded by the knickknacks I've collected during my travels and having travel related images items stuck over my work desk helps me to bring some of my travel joys to my everyday life.  At home I have a huge photo frame of pictures from all of my adventures from around the world hung up with pride of place in the living area.  I also display my souvenirs around the house and often find myself smiling at the memories that they bring up.  My mum bought me the best gift last Christmas (which hangs on my bedroom wall) - a gold leaf map of the world to scratch off every time I visit somewhere new!

Being at work can often be the time when most of us feel the least inspired, caught up in our jobs and everything that they come with.  On my desk I have a little Lonely Planet tear-off calendar which features a new location and brief description every day.  I love having a new destination to read about and look at each morning when I arrive at work, sometimes spurring me into further investigation as a possible future trip!  I also have images and motivational quotes stuck around my computer screens and on the desk dividers, giving me more inspiration to earn those dollars to fund my aspiration to travel!

Subscribe and follow your favourite travel blogs and magazines
Seems a bit obvious, but what better way to stay inspired and get the travel feels than to read about other peoples experiences and ideas.  Personally I love to read about travellers who have visited the same destinations as me to see how we viewed our trips in terms of similarities and differences.  I also love to read up on places I plan to visit in the future to get tips and ideas, and maybe even be coerced into visiting a totally different location!

As a blogger myself, I love to receive feedback from other people about their own experiences.  This motivates me to write more, to share my stories and to keep travelling!  Maybe you could try keeping a travel diary (or even just a daily journal) to take notes on what inspires you, what makes travel so important to you and why you want to jet set off again (who knows, maybe you'll become the next top travel blogger!!).

Keep in touch with people you've met on your travels
Whilst I do keep in touch with a lot of the people I've met on my trips, unfortunately it definitely isn't often enough and this is something I'm working on!  I actually met one of my good friends Susan on a European Contiki trip I did several years ago and we've met up several times since.  When you have a shared experience with someone it changes your friendship and makes your bond so much stronger.  Keeping in contact with people you meet on your travels not only keeps those memories alive, but is likely to lead to spontaneous trips to visit each other or possibly to travel with each other again!  Free couches are also a great reason to stay in contact ;)

Susan and I celebrating Christmas in July with some mulled wine in her hometown of Sydney, Australia!
Hopefully these couple of ideas that I myself use to keep me going when I'm not off adventuring can help you do the same!  If you have any other suggestions please feel free to comment below.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Cheapflights.  All opinions expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the company.

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